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Medical Nutrition Therapy is an evidence-based, clinically proven treatment of personalized nutrition support from the guidance of a registered dietitian. Real Dietitians provide Medical Nutrition Therapy via phone appointments and emulate the disease-specific nutrition support provided to patients in an outpatient or private practice setting.

Brett Curtiss, RD

Tom Smurr, RD

Mary Ann Shannon, RD

The Real Dietitian network is comprised of RDs who specialize in:

  • diabetes & blood sugar management
  • weight control
  • allergies/intolerances
  • renal disease
  • autoimmune disorders
  • sports & fitness


  • cancer nutrition
  • heart disease
  • pediatric & infant
  • eating disorders
  • healthy pregnancy & lactation
  • gastrointestinal disorders

What people say about Real Dietitian


"As a professional living in a rural area, my access to a dietitian is very limited. Having my Real Dietitian call me during my lunch break was perfect and helped make changes in my diet to control my diabetes." 

- Linda P

"I loved speaking with my Real Dietitian because he took a genuine interest in my personal health and situation. He supported me with simple yet practical tips and tricks to help me feel healthy and energized once again."

- Margaret S,

"My mother-in-law was recently diagnosed with stage 3 renal disease. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that dietary modifications could delay the progression of her disease. Since there weren't any renal dietitians in her area, I was happy to discover Real Dietitian. We met with our RD over the phone a received a high quality counseling session from the comfort of home, Our Real Dietitian did an excellent job of presenting the information in a way that was easy for the lay person to understand, and also sent over some written materials by email as follow-up. 

The service is unique and an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to meet with a dietitian to improve their health with proper nutrition. I would highly recommend this convenient and high quality service." 

- Annie H


Convenient + Affordable

 Initial appointment (45 mins)      

 Follow-up appointment (30 mins)

Many health plans reimburse for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Consult with your health plan to discover if you are covered to consult with a Real Dietitian.



Real Dietitian is a virtual private practice that enables organizations to strategically expand their nutrition support offerings by utilizing RDs in telehealth.