empowering better health through better nutrition 

simple phone appointments with a registered dietitian 




Personalized Care

Fits Your Schedule

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Promoting evidence-based nutritional therapies to prevent, manage, and cure disease and health conditions, Real Dietitian is a virtual private practice of registered dietitians providing Medical Nutrition Therapy via phone appointments.

The Real Dietitian network is comprised of RDs who specialize in:

  • diabetes & blood sugar management
  • weight control
  • allergies/intolerances
  • renal disorders
  • auto-immune disorders
  • sports & fitness
  • cancer nutrition
  • heart disease
  • pediatric & infant
  • eating disorders
  • healthy pregnancy & lactation
  • gastrointestinal disorders

Real Dietitian provides personalized, expert nutrition support and empowers you to best eat for your body and health. We prescribe real, whole foods to reduce inflammation, fight disease and boost energy. With a realistic approach and personal accountability, your Real Dietitian helps ensure you reach your health goals.  

Phone Appointments with a Real Dietitian


          Initial appointment          (45 mins)


     Follow-up appointment     (30 mins)


 Personalized care from a Real Dietitian doesn't have to be out of your own pocket; many insurance plans reimburse for Medical Nutrition Therapy. Consult with your insurance plan to see if you are covered to consult with a Real Dietitian.


 What people say about Real Dietitian...

"As a professional living in a rural area, my access to a dietitian is very limited. Having my Real Dietitian call me during my lunch break was perfect and helped make changes in my diet to control my diabetes." 

Linda P, 56, School Principal


"I loved speaking with my Real Dietitian because he took a genuine interest in my personal health and situation. He supported me with simple yet practical tips and tricks to help me feel healthy and energized once again."

Margaret S, 68, Retired Nurse