Real Dietitian is hiring in Maryland!

Real Dietitians provide Medical Nutrition Therapy via phone appointments (60 or 30 mins). All communication between RDN and patient is done via phone or email. Real Dietitians are independent contractors and paid monthly. Real Dietitians determine their own availability and enjoy working from home. 

Real Dietitians candidates must be:

  • Licensed in the state he/she is practicing (if applicable)
  • Experienced in mobile nutrition counseling
  • Tech savvy or a quick learner with new technologies
  • Comfortable communicating and working with patients via phone + email
  • A “team player” and a very responsive communicator
  • Available 5+ hours per week 
  • Have professional liability insurance

Real Dietitian is an “in-network virtual private practice”. Real Dietitian streamlines the referral, scheduling, intake, and billing processes so RDNs can be paid for the expertise and not waste their time on administrative tasks. Real Dietitian contracts directly with insurance so health plans can simplify their members’ access to nutrition support.


Want to be a Real Dietitian?

If you wish to be considered for open opportunities, please first, complete the quick form below then send a cover letter with resume to 

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