Meet a Few of the Real Dietitians


Mary Ann Shannon, RD | Mary Ann's expertise includes diabetes and blood sugar management, weight control, autoimmune disorders and allergy/food sensitivities. Mary Ann's desire is to help clients create simple solutions that offer big results while improving health, creating balance, maximizing energy, and enjoying delicious foods. Mary Ann will enable you to become an expert in your own health and nutrition. 



Brett Curtiss, RD | Prior to becoming a registered dietitian, Brett left the marketing field inspired by his passion for nutrition and health care. Brett is a Renal Dietitian specializing in peritoneal dialysis nutrition. He enjoys consultations focusing on lifestyle, diet and guiding patients away from misleading nutrition information presented in the media.  



Tom Smurr, RD | Tom specializes in sports nutrition, infancy/pediatrics, and weight management. As an ex-professional athlete, Tom loves helping clients improve their athletic performance by optimizing and enhancing their diets.  


Ashley Melton, RD | Ashley specializes in weight loss/maintenance, renal nutrition, diabetes and disordered eating. Her interest lies in the behavioral aspect of nutrition. Ashley believes innovative technologies can help clients understand and improve their healthcare. Ashley enjoys traveling, cooking and dancing.