TechTuesday: WholeFoods App

Whole Foods Market is one of today’s leading grocery stores that is determined to make healthy living and eating easier and more accessible. Whole Foods core values ensure that they are consistently selling the highest quality natural and organic products in order to satisfy, delight and nourish customers. They are also involved advocates for promoting health through education. Whole Foods has made their customer education of healthy living and eating more simple and innovative by creating the Whole Foods Market app.

Using the Whole Foods app, customers can improve their healthy way of life by cooking meals from the collection of 3,700 kitchen-tested recipes. Users have even further access to cooking and meal prep with over 400 healthy recipes to try as well as cooking tips. The Whole Foods app makes eating delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly eating readily available with step by step cooking guides. Following your budget is also made easy with access to different information on specials and sales at your nearest Whole Foods location. Eating healthy on a budget can be challenging and may require planning ahead. Whole Foods provides plan-ahead features to ensure eating healthy on a budget is made easier for everyone.

Customers are able to create shopping lists on the app before they even set foot in a store! They can create various and diverse lists from the large collection of recipes with simply one click. In creating personalized grocery lists and browsing recipes, users can search by specific courses, cuisines, special diets and more. This feature allows customers with certain food allergies and sensitivities to be creative in the kitchen while avoiding products that could potentially harm them. Searching recipes and products by cuisines can be helpful to those with more particular tastes. allows you to sync your shopping lists and recipe boxes between the app and website in order to create and build healthy eatng options on the go or at home on your desktop.

The Whole Foods believes that living and eating healthy should be fun and celebrated. This is reflected in their app by recipe creating and sharing. Customers can rate and comment on recipes as well as add their own photos of re-created recipes. Users can become inspired by positive feedback, learning more about certain ingredients and saving favorite recipes to test out later. Create the perfect, nutritious dinner for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions by using the Whole Foods app’s curated menu collections. Healthy eating is an important and crucial step in reaching a healthy weight, avoiding disease and optimal body function. Using their core values, Whole Foods has established a system that is easily accessible to all grocery shoppers. The many features offered by the app make it effortless to begin your healthy lifestyle transition today!

The Whole Foods app is available on all Android and iOS devices. Download it today on the App Store or Google play!


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