TechTuesday: Sworkit!

"Sworkit" one step closer to health each day!

Are you constantly stuck at home with the kids? Too embarrassed to go to the gym? Don’t have enough time to workout? Begin changing your lifestyle and ditch the excuses by downloading Sworkit! Sworkit is a free fitness app, available at your fingertips. Sworkit is designed to help you workout anywhere, anytime and is personalized to provide the perfect workout for you.

With the app, users can pick a category of exercise they enjoy to participate in. They can choose from a variety of workout categories such as: stretching, pilates, yoga, cardio, strength and more. After they have chosen an exercise, the user can set a time limit to workout based on their schedule. Sworkit is meant to be flexible with your schedule. Fit a workout into your busy day in as little as five minutes! “Get to Swork” after you’ve picked your time limit by following the instructional videos provided on your phone screen. The app gives the users cues and walks them through their own personal workout, step-by-step. Equipped with thirteen different audio languages, Sworkit makes it simple for users worldwide to follow along. “No gym? No problem!”. You can Sworkit at home without needing any equipment.

Users can create custom workouts from a library of over 170 exercises. The custom workout builder can be used by anyone, whether you’re a beginner or professional. Create friendly competition by syncing and sharing your workout routines with friends, family, your client or your trainer! Using Sworkit is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Everyday is a new workout designed to mix up users routines and challenge them to reach their goals. Staying active is an extremely important factor in optimal health and body function. Pairing a fitness routine, provided by Sworkit, with a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is vital to avoid and reverse disease. Aim to incorporate physical activity and nutrition knowledge and awareness into your health regime!  

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