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Taking our time to actually enjoy the food we are eating is becoming more and more rare. We are losing the practice and gratification in savoring our meals. When we do not eat mindfully, we tend to eat larger quantities of food as well as food that may not be so healthy. With the holiday season approaching, it is important to remember to appreciate the meals that have been prepared by us and our loved ones. This Monday, prep yourself to eat mindfully with advice from the Sassy Dietitian!


Mindful Monday: How to Enjoy a Meal

Happy Monday friends. I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful fall colors out there. I know I sure have been. Find me on instagram (@thesassydietitian) or snapchat (@thesassyrd) and see what I am into this fall season. Relaxing weekends like this past weekend sure do make it hard to Monday (yes that is now a verb.) So that is probably why coffee was invented (or tea for you non-coffee folk).

This past weekend I went and leaf peeped up in Stratton Vermont (more on that later this week) and even enjoyed a bit of vitamin D, wooohoo! Dietitian win. I realized something this weekend (okay maybe not this weekend) that I wanted to share with all of you wonderful people (aka HI MOM!).

We are all so busy with our lives that we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses. I had a good friend in college (hi JC!) who would always make me stop and enjoy the scenery. I used to laugh and keep walking because I was always the type that just wanted to get to wherever we were going. Poor JC would have to run and catch up with me every dang time. Anyway, tangent aside, we all tend to do this with meals. We eat on our way to work, to the gym, standing in the kitchen, watching tv, in the pantry, in bed (not sexy), you name it we have probably eaten there. This needs to stop!

How many of you have eaten a meal in the past week by yourself? Okay, how many of those meals have you enjoyed? My guess is the majority of the meals you have eaten alone have not been the most enjoyable. Now, how many meals have you eaten with family, friends, furry pets, or even coworkers? Think about those meals and think about how many of those meals you enjoyed. My guess is a whole heck of a lot more. So, why don’t we do it more often?

Eating with others has been a tradition FOREVER. You can go back in history (I probably won’t because history was never my strong suit) and find many examples of significant events that happened during a meal with good company. You probably can even name some of your favorite meals that happened with your own good company. So let’s get back to enjoying our meals and feeling good about food and meal time.

This weekend I was able to enjoy all my meals from Friday night to Sunday night with friends and family and let me tell you it was MUCH more enjoyable than the lonely breakfast I ate this morning, who is with me? Chances are you will eat less as well, double win.

Here are my 5 simple tips to enjoy a meal! Share with me your favorite shared meals below.

How to enjoy a meal:

  1. Invite friends, family, etc. to a meal. 
  2. SIT DOWN and relax. No computer, TV, phone, standing desk, car dashboard, etc.
  3. Show grace and gratitude. Be thankful for your food and the company.
  4. Have conversation between bites. Let’s be civil and chew with our mouths closed.
  5. CHEW YOUR FOOD. This can help slow you down, improve digestion and help you eat just as much as you need, not more, not less.

…repeat at all meals possible.

Alright, that’s it, that’s everything. I want to hear from you: Who are your favorite people to eat with? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great week.



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Source: Mindful Monday: How to Enjoy a Meal