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Do you recall the last time you sat down and ate dinner with your whole family? Unfortunately, neither do most Americans. As a society, our busy schedules keep us constantly moving and often require families to establish separate dinner plans. Sitting down and eating dinner together has become less popular as our lives are becoming increasingly active. Most kids see eating dinner together as a chore; it requires them to leave their smart phones, laptops and video games. Families are skipping dinner together and growing further apart with rises in electronics, social media and inactivity.

            Billion Family Dinners and DinnerCall are campaigns advocating change in the way Americans eat. The Billion Family Dinners movement promotes eating together more consistently to increase mood, health and wellness and advocate family time as fun time once again. This campaign challenges families to eat ten dinners within two weeks and track their progress. The Billion Family Dinners challenge requires the effort of a family as a whole, and is now simpler than ever thanks to the DinnerCall app. DinnerCall allows families to track their meal occasions, number of people eating a meal, total number of minutes spent around the table and more. Throughout the challenge, families can compare their data to other families at a global level. They can also share their accomplishments, pictures and special memories to inspire others and spark creativity. The most rewarding experience DinnerCall brings to the table is time spent laughing and enjoying each other.

            DinnerCall has reported that research shows family dinners contribute to a healthier and more positive society. Family dinners correspond to lower obesity, substance abuse rates, more positive relationships, and happier, secure children. Family dinners are important in teaching kids healthy eating patterns and habits. Eating together can aid in conditioning younger children and teenagers to improve society by creating healthier, positive and loving attitudes. Join the Billion Family Dinners movement by downloading DinnerCall to help build a diverse, global family that brings love and joy much further than the dinner table.

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Source: Billion Family Dinners, DinnerCall