Every Time Your Eat, You're Making a Healthcare Decision

Nutrition does not have the attention in healthcare it deserves. Despite diet being the greatest controllable determinant of a patient’s health, nutrition takes a backseat in the patient’s care. The prevalence of diet-related disease is dramatically increasing, yet a patient’s diet is often ignored. Over 34 million Americans are eligible for Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), yet less than 4% of these eligible patients utilize Medical Nutrition Therapy. The current healthcare norm is to cover up health issues with immediate quick fix medications instead of making lifestyle changes and treating the root of the problem.

Every time you eat, you make a conscious decision which directly affects your health. Eating is a fantastic opportunity to take control of your well-being and quality of life for the present and future. Food can be either beneficial or destructive to your health. Unfortunately, the media is overwhelmingly focused on restrictive diets and the negative effects of specific foods. In contrast to the negative approach of food, we should focus on the positive aspects of food. We should celebrate food and its capability to improve our health. This positive mentality holds true at Real Dietitian where our registered dietitians empower and educate patients about the restorative and curative properties of whole, real, unprocessed foods. Eating is an incredible opportunity to improve your health and well-being, and let’s be real….who doesn’t love food?…food is awesome!

If you’re a dietitian, physician, patient, or general advocate for better health through better nutrition, I encourage you to improve our healthcare system by promoting an emphasis on nutrition in the patient’s care.  Please continue the conversation and remind people of the significant correlation between diet and health.  Remember that by opting to eat whole, unprocessed foods not only will your tastebuds but also your body will thank you.

Drop the pills and eat your veggies!