Meet Real Dietitian Brett

Before becoming a registered dietitian, Brett spent his time working in the marketing industry. During his marketing career, Brett became more interested in reading blogs and books about nutrition in his spare time.  Feeling dissatisfied in his job, Brett decided he wanted to be a food expert that can help others. Brett wanted to assist people as they navigate through nutrition information in the media. His nutrition journey started making diet and lifestyle changes resulting in a 50 pound weight loss.  Next, in an effort to improve the quality of his diet, Brett’s interest in food lead him to adopt a vegetarian diet as a way to incorporate more vegetables and limit his contribution to animal cruelty.

After spending five years earning a second bachelor’s and master’s degree in dietetics, Brett is a Renal Dietitian at the Center for Renal Replacement in Lincolnwood, IL.  Brett keeps busy by consulting on the south side of Chicago, specializing in peritoneal dialysis nutrition. While Brett now occasionally incorporates meat into his meals, his experience as a vegetarian broadened his perspective on food and nutrition and has made him more confident in his ability to make healthier choices.

As a registered dietitian, Brett is proud of the work he has done in a female dominant field.  He prides himself in his style of counseling as his focus is predominantly on diet quality, and overall lifestyle.  He enjoys helping his patients, friends and family, dispelling nutrition misinformation, and sharing what’s he’s learned through his experiences and readings. It is evident by his journey, Brett immerse himself in enough nutrition and food science.  Real Dietitian is proud to have Brett in the Real network and have him pass on his contagious enthusiasm for nutrition to his patients.


Written By: Nikki Nies