Meet Real Dietitian Tom

Basketball has been an integral part of Tom’s life and path to becoming a registered dietitian.  Tom’s passion for nutrition begane when he found himself feeling sluggish during practice.  Thankfully, when he was exposed to the foods offered in cafeteria at a U.S. Olympic training facility, he was blown away with all the real ingredients used and visible nutrition facts information. Upon incorporating an improved diet, Tom noticed his athletic performance improve. Since his diet change and increase in food fueling his body, he knew he must become involved in the nutrition field and increase athletes’ access to accurate nutrition information.

After sixteen years of playing basketball, Tom played professional wheelchair basketball in Briantea84 in Cantú, Italy. Soon after retiring as a professional athlete, Tom decided to become a registered dietitian. His time spent in Italy opened his eyes to the respect and value Italians place on food, with fresh, whole, non-processed ingredients.

Tom works at CEDA WIC, as one of their nutritionists.  Tom’s important career allows him to counsel clients about the valuable nutrition knowledge during various integral life stages.  Furthermore, as a newly titled, Breastfeeding Counselor, he promotes breastfeeding. Tom enjoys engaging the whole family involved in the care of the new infant. Tom finds it refreshing to give dads credible nutrition information. Tom has a unique spread of knowledge—babies and children, women from pregnancy to postpartum, disability, personal experience with acid reflux, insight on how to gain weight and muscle. Tom believes in an individualistic approach to help people, therefore he emphasizes that one nutrition solution does not work for everyone.

Tom promotes awareness of nutrition especially diet in relation to athletes with disabilities. Tom is excited to be part of Real Dietitian’s expanding counseling team and energized to share his knowledge by educating a wide spectrum of people. The Real Dietitian team is thrilled to have Tom’s enthusiasm and unique experience empower patients to achieve optimal health.


Written By: Nikki Nies