TechTuesday: MyFitnessPal

Have you ever experienced a weight plateau? It can be quite discouraging when all your hard work and dedication leaves you at the same weight. One way to outsmart the scale and finally see those results is by food logging. Food logging is a great way to see exactly how many calories, micronutrients and macronutrients you eat in a typical day. While ‘eating clean’ may be an effective process for you, you might be eating larger portion sizes than you should be. Weighing out and measuring your food, then entering it into a food log, will be extremely effective in producing results.

 MyFitnessPal is food log app that makes tracking daily meals and progress easy and fun! MyFitnessPal is available for download on your smart phone as well as accessible on the Internet. When you create an account, the program will ask you a series of questions about topics like your current age, weight, height, goals and more. It will then tailor a goal daily caloric value to hit each day. You can search and log food throughout the day and choose from several serving size options to match what you ate. My favorite feature about MyFitnessPal is the nutrition chart at the very bottom of your daily log. It allows you to view your macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrate) percentages so you can be sure to hit specific goals. The possibilities with this app are endless!

 MyFitnessPal is also a great way to keep motivated with friends, you can add friends and update news feed status’s to stay focused. If you have a personal trainer, or see a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), it can be helpful to show them your food diaries in order to help create a program that works best for you. Some trainers even use accounts on MyFitnessPal to keep their clients motivated by ‘liking’ their activity and commenting inspiring feedback. You can enter in daily exercise to MyFitnessPal too! Everything from an hour of household chores, to an hour of Crossfit is trackable through this app.

If you’re thirsty for those results, yet stuck in a plateau, We highly recommend downloading and using MyFitnessPal. Add friends, motivate each other, eat clean, and learn about the food you are putting into your body. This app is simple, easy to use and great for giving you that extra push in reaching your health and fitness goals.

Source: MyFitnessPal