TechTuesday: UP by Jawbone

Get UP and get moving with the UP fitness tracker by Jawbone! Jawbone has created wrist monitors as well as a monitor you can clip to your pants or shirt to track everything from number of steps taken to sleep tracking. These fitness monitors are linked with a smart phone app that comes free with the product. Using the app on your phone enables you to see things such as: steps, calories burned, log food, track sleep, set goals, add friends, challenge friends, set alarms, monitor heart heart and more. Jawbone makes receiving quantifiable activity data as easy as reading a food label for quantifiable nutrition data with these devices. UP fitness trackers are great for helping to achieve any health or fitness related goal.

UP trackers allow you to challenge friends and family throughout the day in battles such as "step-offs", or who can move the most steps throughout the day. Making fitness challenges with friends is an exciting and fun way to get active and motivate each other. Alarm setting on your UP wristband ensures you won't be late. Set a certain time using the app, and the monitor will vibrate, while a notification on your phone pops up with the alarm message. The app also lets you log food and even link other food logging apps such as MyFitnessPal to your UP app. 

One unique feature UP promotes is sleep tracking. The wristband detects light, sound and wake phases of sleep, telling you how long as well as how well you slept. The number of hours of sleep you get each night directly affects your physical and mental health, which is why the sleep tracking feature is extremely beneficial. Goal setting is also crucial when starting a health or fitness regime. Let UP know your goals and the app will send you friendly reminders, tips and recommendations throughout the day to push you one step further to reaching them.

Jawbone's UP bands are great tools for becoming more active, goal setting, and tracking health. Use proper nutrition and get UP to become a healthier you. Be sure to check out the different UP products to see which monitor is best for you! Happy stepping!

Source: UP by Jawbone