TechTuesday: Healthy Out

In today's fast paced society, taking the time to cook healthy and nutritious meals can be challenging for some families. Work, school, sports practice and other extremities tend to always keep us on the move. Busy people and families may feel the need to eat out more often, resulting in meals that are usually higher in calories, fat, and that may contain allergens. For the busy-bee's of society that are worried about eating healthier on a time crunch, the Healthy Out app allows them to! 

Healthy Out is an android and iPhone application that allows users in over 500 cities to check restaurants for healthy dishes. The app allows you to see the nutrition information, ingredients, macronutrient percentages, modifications and more of certain dishes. Healthy Out also allows you to use 'tags' to find foods that fit a specific diet, such as: heart healthy, gluten free, vegetarian, low fat, low carb, paleo, low calorie, high protein and more. To use the app enter your zip code and whether you will be going to a sit down or take-out style restaurant. Then enter the specific tags that tailor to your diet and Healthy Out will help you chose a restaurant near you that fits your dietary needs. 

Healthy Out is an excellent app for those looking for specific nutrients or meals that won't harm their chronic illness or disease. For example, the app contains tags like lactose free and glucose control for those with lactose allergies/sensitivities and diabetes. The app saves people time by helping them search quickly and efficiently for healthy meals that will provide them the nutrients they need to fuel their busy lifestyles. 

Check out Healthy Out and download it from the App Store or Google play!