TechTuesday: POLAR

Created with athletic training and advancement in mind, the Finnish company, POLAR, has been ruling the heart rate monitor industry since 1977. POLAR’s first battery operated fingertip heart rate monitor changed the world of heart rate tracking as we know it. Thirty years later, POLAR continues evolving their products using innovation and science. POLAR watches and heart rate monitors provide wireless heart rate tracking and monitoring to help athletes and regular exercisers train like world champions no matter the activity. Their products help to motivate and push users to their maximum potential by providing complete training systems pioneered with technology.

POLAR currently has six newer products to benefit activity ranging from cross-training to running/multisport to cycling. These products offer GPS, speed & cadence, wireless syncing, 24/7 activity monitoring, heart rate measurement in water and are waterproof as well. POLAR 24/7 activity tracking monitors your daily steps, distance, inactivity cues and calories burned while reminding you to reach your input activity goal. With activity tracking, you can see daily, weekly, and monthly progress as well as learn other ways to keep active and reach your goals. POLAR products sync with a downloadable smart training app that allows your monitor to track and show you wide ranges of data on your smartphone. You can even connect MyFitnessPal with your POLAR app to track your daily total calorie intake and expenditure all in one place!

The creators of POLAR products understand users desire to get healthy in aspects of both fitness and nutrition. This is why POLAR products are equipped with accurate calorie counters based on individualized data, aerobic fitness tests that determine your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max), heart rate intensity zones, and energy pointers which entail how much of your exercise promoted fat-burning or fitness improvement. By wearing the POLAR heart rate monitor around your chest and using your watch, you can progress in your health journey. Smart coaching features allow newer users to follow personal training programs to improve as well as recovery feedback. POLAR heart rate monitors are amazing devices that include several features readily usable by fitness beginners and experience athletes.

The app and the watches themselves can be used in combination to develop an overall, state of the art fitness-nutrition program specific to users needs. Using smart coaching, users can get encouraged and motivated to persevere through their health regimes and make long-lasting changes in their lives. To learn more about POLAR and browse products visit their website here!

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Source: POLAR