TechTuesday: Shopwell

Going grocery shopping can be overwhelming for those who are looking to eat healthier. Aisles filled with processed junk foods can sometimes be taunting and misleading. Companies may add phrases or words onto their packages that trick you to believe the product is “all natural” or “healthier” for you. Hidden added sugars, sodium and preservatives tend to sneak their way into shelf products. People with certain health goals or conditions may have a hard time finding products that fit their needs. They may also feel overwhelmed by the diversity of products available. With these common grocery shopping struggles in mind, the ShopWell app was created.

    ShopWell was designed to help people save time and money by making it easier to discover healthier foods for them at the grocery store based on personal health goals and needs. According ShopWell’s registered dietitian (RD), Lara Felton, ShopWell currently has sixteen health goals available for your custom grocery shopping plan. The app features health customizations such as: gluten intolerance, vegan, weight management, athletic training, lactose intolerance, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. ShopWell helps to breakdown the nutrition facts and ingredients of food for the user specific to their goals. The app will show you which nutrients in the product support your diet and which you should be consuming less of. ShopWell also can alert the user of any allergens in products that could harm them as well as recommend other similar products that do not contain the allergen.

    ShopWell believes that everyone should have access to making better food choices which is why they have chosen to make the app free to all users. Many users have been able to lose weight by purchasing and eating foods that have higher scores and a green light on the app. Populations with intolerance and allergies feel confident using ShopWell to discover foods that are safe for them to eat. As ShopWell’s leading RD, Lara has received positive feedback from users about how the app has allowed them to make healthier choices at the grocery store and at home as well as find new products that fit their health needs. According to Mrs. Felton, the app will send a user health tips each week that are written by dietitians and specific to their health goals. Participants use the quick tips to help improve their nutrition awareness and knowledge.

    In the future, ShopWell is looking to add a low FODMAP diet option and also add personalized nutrition labels to allow each user to see what the percent of daily value means for them. The team at ShopWell plans to continue to add more educational tips and insights that will assist users in understanding dietary recommendations and more meal and snack ideas to promote eating healthy. This app is a wonderful opportunity for those with certain health goals and restrictions to save time at the grocery store and to try new products! Be sure to download ShopWell onto your smart phone and shop well :)

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Lara Felton, RD