TechTuesday: Higi

            With the beginning of the New Year comes the “New Year new me” trend. Gyms become crowded, motivational quotes flood social media, and several healthy Pinterest recipes are constantly being re-created. While ringing in 2016 with this mindset comes easy for some, creating and sticking to New Years resolutions can be overwhelming and challenging for others. People may find themselves in a slump, right back where they started, or believing they will never receive the results they so desire. Getting back on track and kick starting your health journey can be made simpler again using the Higi app.

            Higi believes that keeping tabs on your health should be rewarding and fun.  This is why the app works as a loyalty program for your body. Users can begin their “New Year new me” resolutions by downloading the app and using the map to find a Higi station near them. Higi stations are found in stores like Rite Aid, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, Publix, Giant, ShopRite and Fred’s Pharmacy. After locating the nearest Higi stations, users can check in and begin earning points by taking their health vitals, or tracking their steps taken and workouts completed. Doing this, they will start accumulating points for their health accomplishments. Points can be acquired and exchanged for free merchandise, food and other gifts. Exchanging points for healthy products and active wear encourages users to continue their journey towards a healthier them.

            Higi also makes tracking your health worthwhile by allowing points to be exchanged towards charitable organizations. Users can feel rewarded and healthier while donating their points to children battling cancer, clean water for Haiti, pet shelters and more. The mobile app helps users track their progress by measuring their recent activity as their Higi score. The more active users are, the higher the score. Higi scores motivate users to continue tracking and reaching their goals.  Users can also help other friends and Higi members stay motivated by completing challenges together and sharing progress. Staying motivated by friendly competition and community involvement is a great way to improve health results.

            Using the Higi app is an empowering and simple way to keep your resolutions on track. Higi provides health and wellness articles filled with the latest news, tips and tricks to help users learn new things in order to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. Creating a new you in 2016 can be rewarding, easy, and fun beginning with Higi.


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Source: Higi